SureLock for Windows 7 & 8

Lockdown for Windows

  • Run Windows 7 & Windows 8 in Lockdown Mode
  • Restrict users to Allowed Applications only
  • Keyboard Blocking & Keyboard Filtering
  • Appropriate for Kiosks & Mobile Workforce
  • and more....

About SureLock

SureLock helps you to setup Windows 7 desktops and Windows 8 devices as Kiosks. With SureLock you can allow only selected applications/programs to run on your Windows desktop or device. Its password potected settings and security features makes it appropraite for kiosks and signages at public places.


  • Allows only whitelisted applications to run on the device
  • Password protected SureLock Settings
  • Disables Home Button / Start Button
  • Disables Windows 8 Start Screen
  • Customizable wallpaper for SureLock Home Screen
  • Disables the user from making any changes in device settings
  • SureLock Autostart on device reboot
  • Disables access to Task Manager
  • Keyboard Filtering and Configuration
  • Kiosk Mode Browsing in Internet Explorer
  • Import/Export Settings for Easy Mass Deployment using Cloud Read More

How does it work?

Download and install SureLock on your device. Access the password protected settings and add the applications that you want the device user to use. SureLock then allows functioning of only those allowed applications on your Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices.

What's new?

Version: 2.1.2
Single Application Mode
In Single Application Mode, only one application remains in the foreground of the device all the time.

Version: 2.0.24
SureLock Analytics
SureLock Analytics records all activities in SureLock and maintains a log which can be exported in .csv format.

Icon Relocation and Resizing

Use Icon Size option to change the size of the icon and font on SureLock Home Screen. Now, you also have the option to move and relocate icons anywhere on the screen.

Diagnostic Logs
Diagnostic Logs once enabled along with Watchdog Service will keep a record of all activities in SureLock including details of allowed and blocked applications.

Configure Font and Icon Size on SureLock Home Screen
The icons and font on SureLock Home Screen can now be customized to different sizes.

Volume Control – Disable Hardware Volume Button
You can now control the volume of the locked device by setting up the volume level and disabling the hardware volume button using this option.

Prevent Suspend
This option once enabled will disable the device from getting suspended even after long intervals of inactivity.

Actions override option for Power Button, Lid Close and Sleep Button
This option allows you to override the actions configured with Power Button, Lid Close (for laptops) and Sleep Button. For example, you can override and configure Power Button with following actions:

  • Do Nothing
  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • Sleep
Delivery time:1 day

SureLock Windows 7/8/10 Single License

Delivery time:1 day

SureLock Windows 7/8/10 10 License Pack

Delivery time:1 day

SureLock Windows 7/8/10 50 License Pack

Delivery time:1 day

SureLock Windows 7/8/10 100 License Pack