SureMDM for Windows Mobile

SureMDM for Windows Mobile & Windows CE is an ultimate solution for all your mobile device management needs. It is a simple web based application which supports almost all the browsers and gives you a centralised view of all the connected devices. With SureMDM, tracking logs, generating reports or even checking health of the mobile devices becomes really easy. It comes with great following features

Remote Helpdesk Support
  • Remote Control
  • View Remote Screen
  • Remote File Explorer
  • Remote Process viewer
  • Remote Registry Editor
  • Copy files to and from remote devices
 Software Distribution
  • Push applications and software patches
  • View installed applications
  • Remotely uninstall unwanted apps

 Location Tracking
  • Locate devices on map
  • Real-time tracking (Current and Breadcrumb)



Device Health Monitoring

  • Battery status
  • Memory and Storage status
  • Network signal strength
  • Remotely Reset mobile devices
 Device Security
  • Remote Device Lock
  • Remote Date Wipe
  • Enforce corporate password policies
  • Device lockdown using SureLock



  • Send messages to mobile users
  • Broadcast messages
  • Two-way messaging
  • Works on WiFi and Cellular networks

Device Grouping

  • Hierarchical Grouping of devices
  • Manage devices from multiple customers
  • Groups devices based on geography, departments etc

Branding Support

  • Brand the solution as your own
  • Use your company logo and theme

Ondersteunde  OS-versies

  • Windows Mobile 6.5, 6.1, 5.0
  • Windows CE 6.0, 5.0




SureMDM Monthly Subscription

Recurrent Payment terms

SureMDM Annual Subscription

Recurrent Payment terms

SureMDM On Premise

Minimale afname : 5 licenties (De vermelde prijs is de stuks prijs)

SureMDM Device License (Include First Year Support & Maintanence)